Annual financial statements of businesses and independent audit, other financial information, the information specified for this table and the criteria (for example, public company financial statements are designated or accepted by the Board for financial reporting suitability and accuracy standards), to provide reasonable assurance that adequate and appropriate for the purpose of obtaining of evidence, generally accepted auditing standards foreseen by applying the necessary control techniques, notebook, recording and documents should be checked and evaluated through refers to connecting to the report.



  • Provides accurate information flow to management.
  • Assists the management in making forecasting and analysis of financial statements and making healthy decisions in the future.
  • Indicates whether the financial statements reflect the truth.
  • It helps to prevent business management and employees from cheating.
  • With the financial statements that are audited, it is easier for the entity to find low-cost financing.
  • The rights of all partners are protected in an independent external audit company.
  • Public trust is gained by providing the right data to be obtained to the users of information by obtaining high standards and quality audits.
  • This principle has become the basic principle of independent auditing in recent years in order to restore the confidence of investors in corporate governance and reporting.



  1. TTK and public oversight accounting and Auditing Standards Agency auditing services (UPS)
  2. International financial reporting standards (IFRS), auditing services
  3. independent auditors in accordance with the capital markets Board of Turkey (US GAAP) have been accepted in the United States
  4. auditing accounting and reporting standards
  5. Banking Regulation and supervision Agency (brsa) independent auditors in accordance with the
  6. The energy market regulatory authority (EMRA) independent auditors in accordance with the
  7. Treasury insurance and reinsurance auditing services in accordance with the legislation
  8. independent external control for a custom control.


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