Full Approval audit is a type of audit to determine the annual income or corporation tax bases of the enterprises. The results of the year are reported to the Ministry of Finance by the Certified Public Accountant until the end of the sixth month of the following year.

The full certification service helps companies to keep up with current legal developments in tax and accounting as well as more reliably fulfill their tax obligations. Within the scope of full certification studies, financial statements and declarations of the institutions are subject to a compliance audit within the scope of the relevant legislation provisions, accounting principles and standards. In this way, the full certification service contributes to the preparation of a tax inspection that can be carried out by the Ministry of Finance by expanding the scope of the risk-based audit system, as well as minimizing improper tax practices, and by conducting studies to make tax inspections more effective and widespread.


Full Approval Services

Our Chartered Accountancy Services mainly consist of the following services;

  • Audit of statutory books and documents in accordance with the provisions of tax legislation
  • Determination of corporate tax base compliance with the legislation
  • Correction of errors detected during the inspection and elimination of deficiencies
  • Compliance audit of quarterly temporary tax returns
  • Approval of the annual corporate tax declaration by checking compliance with legislation
  • Preparation of the Fully Certified Report


Other Certification Services

  • Determination of the payment of capital
  • Revaluation of the Revaluation Fund
  • Determination of Internal Resources
  • Investment Allowance
  • VAT Returns and Offsetting Procedures
  • Corporate Tax Exemption