Financial due diligence, tax and legal risks of enterprises in terms of detection, the last tax timeout didn’t yet to take control of five of the accounting period. Especially in the past, tax consulting and auditing businesses with service was likely to encounter with the tax administration in terms of due diligence to understand the size of your negativity. The enterprises in Turkey at any moment are at a higher risk of tax administration review. The financial size of the review in question sometimes too heavy.

ABC DENETIM to our valued clients with a team specialized in acquisitions, mergers and takeovers in the target company before the buyer can be evaluated in more detail by the company that offers the service.

In this context:

  1. All sales invoices and receipts examined,
  2. Tax Office, SOCIAL SECURITY, as well as all public institutions are being examined, the given statement and Declaration
  3. Other businesses and public Institutions with the contentious issues being discussed,
  4. the existence of legal Business books and documents and storage conditions are detected,
  5. Communication with the customers and vendors of important Business contracts examined,
  6. Company provides benefits to the company in the future because it investigated its assets (impairment or the determination of its value),
  7. Company obligations in full in the records, including the determination of the.
  8. Due diligence the enterprises who have learning in detail the risks and risk management offers the possibility of making this awareness.