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Independent Audit

Annual financial statements of businesses and independent audit, other financial information, the information specified for this table and the criteria (for example, public company financial statements are designated or accepted by the Board for financial reporting suitability and accuracy standards), to provide reasonable assurance that adequate and appropriate for the purpose of obtaining of evidence, generally accepted auditing standards foreseen by applying the necessary control techniques, notebook, recording and documents should be checked and evaluated through refers to connecting to the report.



  • Provides accurate information flow to management.
  • Assists the management in making forecasting and analysis of financial statements and making healthy decisions in the future.
  • Indicates whether the financial statements reflect the truth.
  • It helps to prevent business management and employees from cheating.
  • With the financial statements that are audited, it is easier for the entity to find low-cost financing.
  • The rights of all partners are protected in an independent external audit company.
  • Public trust is gained by providing the right data to be obtained to the users of information by obtaining high standards and quality audits.
  • This principle has become the basic principle of independent auditing in recent years in order to restore the confidence of investors in corporate governance and reporting.



  1. TTK and public oversight accounting and Auditing Standards Agency auditing services (UPS)
  2. International financial reporting standards (IFRS), auditing services
  3. independent auditors in accordance with the capital markets Board of Turkey (US GAAP) have been accepted in the United States
  4. auditing accounting and reporting standards
  5. Banking Regulation and supervision Agency (brsa) independent auditors in accordance with the
  6. The energy market regulatory authority (EMRA) independent auditors in accordance with the
  7. Treasury insurance and reinsurance auditing services in accordance with the legislation
  8. independent external control for a custom control.


ABC DENETIM as our knowledge and experience to provide our customers with customer-focused service and this service is the most important objectives is to ensure that they reach their destination. For this reason, the services we provide, financial, operations and cash flow as the independent more than a report, will lead to them and move forward to their business customers to help them, a sense of the neutral, reliable.

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Full Approval and VAT Refund Procedures

Full Approval audit is a type of audit to determine the annual income or corporation tax bases of the enterprises. The results of the year are reported to the Ministry of Finance by the Certified Public Accountant until the end of the sixth month of the following year.

The full certification service helps companies to keep up with current legal developments in tax and accounting as well as more reliably fulfill their tax obligations. Within the scope of full certification studies, financial statements and declarations of the institutions are subject to a compliance audit within the scope of the relevant legislation provisions, accounting principles and standards. In this way, the full certification service contributes to the preparation of a tax inspection that can be carried out by the Ministry of Finance by expanding the scope of the risk-based audit system, as well as minimizing improper tax practices, and by conducting studies to make tax inspections more effective and widespread.


Full Approval Services

Our Chartered Accountancy Services mainly consist of the following services;

  • Audit of statutory books and documents in accordance with the provisions of tax legislation
  • Determination of corporate tax base compliance with the legislation
  • Correction of errors detected during the inspection and elimination of deficiencies
  • Compliance audit of quarterly temporary tax returns
  • Approval of the annual corporate tax declaration by checking compliance with legislation
  • Preparation of the Fully Certified Report


Other Certification Services

  • Determination of the payment of capital
  • Revaluation of the Revaluation Fund
  • Determination of Internal Resources
  • Investment Allowance
  • VAT Returns and Offsetting Procedures
  • Corporate Tax Exemption
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Financial Management Consultancy

ABC DENETIM offers consultancy services in all stages of implementation, management and strategically implementation of strategies that will carry them to the future in different sectors and markets where they compete, in the face of the changing needs of companies, successful companies. are companies that have a sustainable and strong financial structure, can operate efficiently and efficiently and manage growth.

Our main services are:

1. Consultancy on the pursuit and provision of financial incentives
2. Consultancy on investment projects,
3. Transactions for public opening,
4. Setting up internal audit systems,
5. Consultancy in the acquisition, transfer, merger and division of the company,
6. Making share valuations,
7. Preparing profitability and cost analysis reports,
8. Company Establishment Services,
9. Changes in the company’s main agreements,
10. Provides services in the field of establishment of branches and liaison offices in Turkey for foreign nationals.


As ABC DENETIM, it is our main goal to continuously provide better service, to meet the needs with different approaches and to educate our customers ‘ teams to transform projects into a sustainable operation within the organization.

By accurately identifying the needs of our customers, we provide effective solutions for business, operation, technology, human resources transformations and guide them by supporting them during this transformation. We develop personal services for our customers in this context with our consultants who have a keen, experienced, knowledgeable and specialized expertise.

The services we offer under the restructuring of the companies under the management consultancy are:

  1. Enterprise Strategy Determination
  2. Corporate Status Assessment
  3. Determination of managerial problems and development of solution proposals
  4. Analysis of decision processes and business processes
  5. Re-establishing the organizational structure
  6. Re-establishing managerial systems
  7. Re-establishing business processes
  8. Regulation, procedure and creation of workflows
  9. Determination of approaches to the creation of corporate culture
  10. Change Management
  11. Consultancy services for the implementation of projects.

ABC DENETIM, which is the solution partner of Progroup Education accredited under the Turquality program, offers its customers a professional consultancy service in this field. We know that our customers will gain every emerging market reputation and the forefront of their vision is also our success. Big gains apply to companies that are thinking big and who are throwing the right steps at the right time. It has a professional team and quality service that will allow our customers to take the right steps at all times. We’re thinking big, teaching big thinking. Our mission is to build a system that will prevent problems and to light the future of the companies more than solving problems.


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Company Valuation and Purchasing Operations

Financial due diligence, tax and legal risks of enterprises in terms of detection, the last tax timeout didn’t yet to take control of five of the accounting period. Especially in the past, tax consulting and auditing businesses with service was likely to encounter with the tax administration in terms of due diligence to understand the size of your negativity. The enterprises in Turkey at any moment are at a higher risk of tax administration review. The financial size of the review in question sometimes too heavy.

ABC DENETIM to our valued clients with a team specialized in acquisitions, mergers and takeovers in the target company before the buyer can be evaluated in more detail by the company that offers the service.

In this context:

  1. All sales invoices and receipts examined,
  2. Tax Office, SOCIAL SECURITY, as well as all public institutions are being examined, the given statement and Declaration
  3. Other businesses and public Institutions with the contentious issues being discussed,
  4. the existence of legal Business books and documents and storage conditions are detected,
  5. Communication with the customers and vendors of important Business contracts examined,
  6. Company provides benefits to the company in the future because it investigated its assets (impairment or the determination of its value),
  7. Company obligations in full in the records, including the determination of the.
  8. Due diligence the enterprises who have learning in detail the risks and risk management offers the possibility of making this awareness.
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Budget Planning

In collaboration with our customers as the ABC DENETIM them by sharing the same objectives to support higher performance means. Professional working the main purpose of many different principle that make up our understanding of, and meet the expectations of our customers and offer them value-added services. Our clients ‘ needs and the steps for them always are ahead of the needs of our company. Our measure of the success of our customers.

Budgeting and planning, management and performance appraisal of enterprises today in one of the most important tools. In short, the so-called future prediction and planning under control of a specific term, this plan is determined for the business and goals is an important tool that shows whether a move. In fact, a ship’s compass for whatever that means businesses in the budget he’s mean.

Especially due to the lack of budget and planning, who doesn’t know where he’s headed toward businesses, serious problem in fulfilling their obligations to encounter, even into bankruptcy a fact of our lives can go as far as important .

ABC budget and planning team as our knowledge and experience with you and we’re ready to guide you.

The main budget and planning to apply to our work include:

  • General For Budget And P Asked I Bend Over
  • Determination Of The Products To Budget An
  • Report Of The Assumption
  • Sales Budget
  • Production Budget
  • Direct Labor Expenses Budget
  • Direct The First Item And Material Budget
  • General Manufacturing Expenses Budget
  • Inventory Budget
  • Purchase Budget
  • The Cost Of Goods Sold Budget
  • Expenses Budgets-Expense Centers On The Basis Of The
  • Investment Budget
  • Pro Forma Income Statement
  • Pro-Forma Cash Budget
  • Pro-forma Balance Sheet.



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Accounting Control and Outsource

ABC DENETIM, operating in various industries for small and medium-sized enterprises, starting new activities, growing too fast or comprehensive accounting and businesses managed by founding partners, financial management services, domestic and international knowledge and experience by combining with the technological innovations at the right time and in the right way.

Our goal is to fulfill the conditions required by law and at the same time, the Government has the capacity to transfer healthy and continuous information is to create an accounting system. Outsource part or all of the Accounting Department of the company are given support from the outside. The Finance Department to be created, the computer, as well as personnel and expensive accounting programs investment mandate as an alternative. But also the entire accounting and payroll needs, technical knowledge, experience and professional skills you will be always with you, our expert team will be under the control of the trust.

You can use any of the accounting, finance, reporting, payroll or personnel audit services we provide to you as ABC DENETIM or you can provide all these services as a whole in the form of accounting, payroll and financial audit services.

Our Main Services:

  1. Accounting Auditing Services
  2. Reporting and Control services
  3. Payroll Supervision Services
  4. Accounting Revision Services
  5. Internal audit and control systems services.
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