ABC DENETIM, operating in various industries for small and medium-sized enterprises, starting new activities, growing too fast or comprehensive accounting and businesses managed by founding partners, financial management services, domestic and international knowledge and experience by combining with the technological innovations at the right time and in the right way.

Our goal is to fulfill the conditions required by law and at the same time, the Government has the capacity to transfer healthy and continuous information is to create an accounting system. Outsource part or all of the Accounting Department of the company are given support from the outside. The Finance Department to be created, the computer, as well as personnel and expensive accounting programs investment mandate as an alternative. But also the entire accounting and payroll needs, technical knowledge, experience and professional skills you will be always with you, our expert team will be under the control of the trust.

You can use any of the accounting, finance, reporting, payroll or personnel audit services we provide to you as ABC DENETIM or you can provide all these services as a whole in the form of accounting, payroll and financial audit services.

Our Main Services:

  1. Accounting Auditing Services
  2. Reporting and Control services
  3. Payroll Supervision Services
  4. Accounting Revision Services
  5. Internal audit and control systems services.